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A Different Experience

Our priority is to do everything right by the cheese and cheesemakers.

This means we operate slightly differently and can take some getting used to. We hope you’ll understand.

People often ask if we carry a specific brand of cheese. Since we only work with small traditional farms, the answer will be no, unfortunately. We may not have what you want, but we can always show you something close in taste. Most times, people end up walking away much happier!

We’ll tell you the best cheeses to get every week. Sometimes there is some urgency to it because the perfect window for certain cheeses is very short.

Conversely, we sometimes won’t sell you the cheese you want even though you can see it on the shelf in plain sight. Rightfully, we should only be selling cheeses that are ready and peaking. If they are not ready, you are just getting less than what you deserve. And that would be bad.

Cheese Platters

Our cheese platters are a lot of fun – there are always 8 types of different cheeses and they change every week as new cheeses peak and become ready.

They are fun – because what you get is a surprise – but always good, and it is a nice way to be trying out new cheeses rather than going for the same ones all the time. More often than not, people discover cheeses they never thought to ask for.

If there are types of cheeses/milk you are allergic to, let us know and we will avoid them.

If there are cheeses you simply do not enjoy, let us know and we will avoid them too. Otherwise, let us surprise you!

We serve our platters according to the number of people having it, so just let us know!


It is high time we introduced you to our charcuterie friends.

We have decided to let you in on what is the best of the best Spanish Bellota jamon. It took us a long time to find it and it was well worth the wait.

Like cheese where what the animal eats is important, the Iberico pig is 100% pure race and completely free-range. They exercise their prized legs and shoulders for a good chunk of the year, eating enough acorns in the dehesa to build up enough of the right fat and flavour in their fat to be worth eating. ‘Dehesa’ is ancient Mediterranean pastureland. It is an extraordinary ecosystem still untouched.

Every year, it is someone’s job to assess the number of acorn trees, wok out how much there will be available that season, and determine the right number of Iberico pigs to let into the acre. All to ensure the pigs get their rightful amount of acorns in their diet to guarantee the best hams.

It took a long time for us to find this. We’re happy enough to share this with you now. And we hope you will be able to taste the difference. And the truth is, hams are expensive to import. If you have to pay for this premium, we need to give you the best there is. Apologies if we took extra long to get here, we just needed to be absolutely sure you were getting the best there is.


We serve a small but good selection of wine by the glass. These tend to change with the cheeses, naturally.

We have a range of wine for dine in and retail. We pick our wines according to what pair best with our cheeses, so whilst we may not have every style of wine covered, they will be good for sure. Most of our wines come from equally small production vineyards with the same dedication to their craft. It is a lot more meaningful to keep working with the community of small producers out there.

However, if you decide to bring a bottle, please note there is a $30 corkage charge per bottle.

Port and Madeira

As much as possible, we work with small artisanal producers who share the same ideals.

Our range of port and madeira are curated to bring out the best in our cheeses and vice versa. We cannot recommend these timeless pairings enough; it is a shame they have slowly been forgotten over time. If you are keen on discovering the wonderful experience of our cheeses and these precious wines, we are able to offer a selection by the glass.

If you happen to be an avid port or madeira drinker, keep a lookout for limited edition bottles on our social media. We spend a lot of time wrangling and getting first dibs so you can have a chance to buy them.


Being in this business has meant we are lucky to make friends who will sort us out on in ways that are unusual. We have been lucky to make friends with whisky folks who let us in on limited bottles and give us fun ones to play and pair with.

If you ever walk in on us and there are vials and glasses all over the place, it just means we’ve been given nice whiskies to work with.

We will be holding pairing sessions over the year for you to discover these rare gems. There are always whiskies available for you by the dram, and cheeses to go alongside, of course.

Craft Beer, Mead, Cider

We have a good range of craft beers for dining in and also to take home.

For those who are gluten-intolerant, we have gluten-free beer options beside mead and ciders.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers in the form of Cheese Moolah are available at the shop.

They come in denominations of $20 and $50.

It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves all sorts of cheese.


We do not have any delivery service but it is perfectly fine for you to send a courier to come pick it up for you instead.

Just send us a message on the items you need or better still, give us an open brief with a budget and we will curate a selection from the week’s best for you.

Private Event

Our little space has hosted many small team building events to birthday parties. It seats up to 10pax comfortably. Just send us an email at if you are looking for such a space!